When ever I talk about student and ask which subject do you like most and which subject do you not like.so about85%student said that they are anxiety with maths.About 5 % with social science ,and 10% with other subject .They don’t know why they are anxiety with Mathematics bit I know the region because they fear that with maths .They cram Math only for pass exams at Titha ji any cost.They are manipulating future as well as parents dreams. I tell all the students do you know all parents have own dream but they side their dreams and fulfil your need as well as wants.so please don’t kidding with your parents fatigue.They struggle a lot only for you and you just wasting our time ,and money.

This leads to increase consequence of educated unemployment in India.

Rich gets richer and poor gets poorer.

It leads often ,now students haven’t interest in study because in schools only teacher comes in class and teaches and go after the bell.Its only theoretical knowledge i.e students cram subjects in ever months school held PTM for showing result and shining star written on the blackboard .So the students tried to give good marks or tried to give position in shining star.So they craming to learning.If you get degree on your hand that is not valuable degree.

If you don’t have knowledge.

The educated unemployment a peculiar problem job because they are not able to find jobs due to lack of skills ,knowledge and experience.A study showed that unemployment of graduate and postgraduate has increase faster than among matriculates.

Now our government launched the new scheme for the 10th standard .In Mathematics those students take science is compulsory for take standard mathematics and those student take arts. Commerce will take and those students become Engineer,Scientist , physician will take advances standard but I think this technique create problems for students hope .They turn towards arts ,commerce die to anxiety with maths .Thay have their dream related to science but fear of mathematics They will take arts. After consulting about 75%girls will take standard mathematics.

After a long research I saw people preferred only NCERT book of mathematics.They don’t use Intex books like R.D.sharma ,R.S.aggarwal,dinesh super simplified.etc.Mathematics is the only subject if you don’t practice than you will be not understand.

I also saw many students They approach tuition ,home tuition,and coaching and most disadvantage situation is that such apps diverting students an feasting the time. Student get attention or importance video rather than books and teacher .Student encourage a lot and parents have conclusion to use these kind of apps .They want or children future bright and happy. Instead of such apps we have another type of technique ,we can solve problem in a second.


Vedic maths is a type of book written by the INDIAN MONK SWAMI BHARTI KRISHNA TRITHA and first published in 1965.

It contains a list of mental calculations techniques claimed to be base on the Vedas. The mental calculations system mention in a book also known by the smae name or as “VEDAS ” Mathematics has been criticized by academics student encourage who have opposed it’s inclusion in the Indian school curriculum.

Many of school use this tricks .student’s also use books of Vedic mathematics was previously included in the school syllabus of Madhya Pradesh an Uttar Pradesh .Some school and organization run by Hindu nationalist group ,included Tithaji’s technique of Vedic mathematics in their carriculum.

The number of technique of academics and Mathematics have opposed these attempts on the basis that the technique mentioned in the are simply arithmetics tricks ,and not mathematics .They also pointed out that the Vedic.

  • Vedics maths is so important our life .
  • Vedic mathematics can definitely solve mathematical numericals calculations in faster way .Some vedics math calculations in faster way as much VB scholars mentioned that using maths tricks can do calculation 10-15 times faster than our usual methods.
  • You can find easily square root.
  • Many of the technique of Vedic mathematics you can watch video of Vedic astrology in YouTube ,Google ,and Vedic book.

At last I only said that a few words if you improve mathematics so you can do practice and more practice.

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